Exp3D Released On Google Play

Today is a very exciting day: Exp3D is live on Google Play!
Go grab it now!

Exp3D is a vertical scroller shooting game.
But where does it stand out from the crowded competition on Android?
A lot of effort has been put into polishing the game:

  • Speed: High FPS and smooth gameplay have been the target from Day-One. Exp3D runs at 60FPS on most recent devices. On the original Nexus One it can sustain 30FPS.
  • Gameplay: No lag – the spaceship reacts immediately to your input. Piloting is dead simple: you can play with just one hand, actually with only one finger.
  • Rendering: unlike most of the ‘shmups’ on the market which use 2D sprites, Exp3D features full-3D ships and backgrounds. Plus GFX effects like shadows, explosions…
  • Soundtrack: Each chapter features its unique dramatic music.

You can try the game for free until the middle of Chapter 2. Or maybe beyond Chapter 2, that depends on your skills. ;)

There is also a HTML5/WebGL version so you can play Exp3D in your browser.